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soccer boy 3Coaches break down these techniques using our exclusive curriculum, which reinforces skill-building through exciting drills and plays. ACTIVSTARS Soccer promotes better coordination, endurance, leadership and teamwork both on and off the field. Skills are put to the test during scrimmages, games, and special events such as the Desert Cup Tournament.

ACTIVSTARS Soccer Philosophy

ACTIVSTARS believes in bringing the fun and fundamentals back into the game of soccer. Unlike many sports organization which focus and pressure the players to compete, we do not focus on winning or losing. Our coaches will always promote a positive soccer environment in which kids can enjoy the game and continue to enhance their soccer ability.

Practice Times & Fees

Practices are scheduled in 50 minute class sessions.  Fall and Spring practices and games are scheduled on Saturdays only. There are no obligations for students and parents during the weekdays. Each semester is about 8-12 weeks in duration. Parents can pay weekly or prepay for the full season. Practices are only $8.00 per week!


There are times when we may have to cancel practice due to holiday, school conflict or bad weather. If possible, a note is handed out the week prior informing you of the cancellation. Should you miss a practice, please call the ACTIVSTARS office (816.994.2644) to make sure there is no change in the practice schedule. Practice cancellation due to bad weather will be determined the day of practice by your coach

Flooded Fields

In case the field is flooded upon arrival, practice will be moved to an alternate site on the school grounds or to a nearby site. Generally, a sign will be posted at the field directing students and parents to the alternate site.  In some instances you may be called directly by your coach or a location secretary.

Program Details

  • All students having perfect attendance will receive a soccer medal! Should your child miss a practice, the following week he/she can stay for two lessons, back to back. All “make-up” lessons must be paid for.
  • Soccer uniforms for games are available for sale at practices from the beginning of the season. The uniform is also available at a discounted rate at our seasonal Skills Challenge clinic early in the season (TBA). No refunds are given for apparel that has been worn by students.
  • Students are required to bring their own water to practice every week. ACTIVSTARS does have a soccer water bottle available for purchase.
  • RESTROOMS MAY NOT ALWAYS BE AVAILABLE AT SOCCER SITES. Have students use the restroom prior to coming to practice.
  • SAFETY IS OUR # 1 PRIORITY! Please “hand escort” your child to and from the field. No athletes are allowed to leave the field without a parent. Parents must come to the field for pick-up. Exceptions to this rule apply only if a parent signs a Walker Release Form giving the student permission to walk to & from practice without an adult. Please be on time for pick-up!
  • Parents are invited to stay and watch the practices and games. Spectators must respect the coach and referee. Unsportsmanlike conduct will result in being banished from future practices and games. Please understand this is for your child’s own benefit. It provides for a better learning atmosphere. We want to maintain a fun and POSITIVE atmosphere.
  • Parents are encouraged to volunteer as a “Parent Helper”. Two or three volunteers are needed for each practice to assist the coach. Only “Parent Helpers” will be allowed to help with the team practices. Please sign the “Parent Helper” release at the check-in table each week if you are interested.  Knowledge of soccer is NOT necessary.

Regular Session Games

The last 5-6 weeks of the semester are scheduled season games, which will be played at a centralized site against other ACTIVSTARS teams in the area. Game schedules will be handed out at practice a couple of weeks prior to the start of games.In rare cases teams may have double headers or extra practices scheduled due to the amount of teams in your child’s age division.  ACTIVSTARS' coaches will not focus on keeping score at regular scheduled games since their focus will be on refereeing the games in a positive learning environment. Games are viewed as additional opportunities for coaches to teach players elements of the game in action, even when it is a player of the “opposing team.” At the end of each semester everyone is a winner and will receive a soccer trophy!

Soccer Tournament Rules & Regulations

  1. There will be NO more than seven players per team on the field at one time for the 7 - 9 year old division. Up to 11 players per team for the 10-12 and 13-15 year old divisions. If a team does not have the maximum number of players allowed on the field at one time, the other team is not required to play down in numbers. A team must forfeit if they do not have at least four players for the 7-9 age group; at least seven players for the 10-12 and 13-15 age groups. A forfeit decision must be rendered after 10 minutes past the scheduled kick-off time. Teams are not allowed to “borrow” players from other teams under any circumstances. It is the Parent Helper’s responsibility to check players before sending them onto the field.ANY ILLEGAL PLAYER SENT ONTO THE FIELD WILL RESULT IN A PENALTY UP TO AND INCLUDING TEAM DISQUALIFICATION AT THE DISCRETION OF THE DIRECTORS. There will be wristband ID checks on the field by the referee.
    1. Players who are waiting to be substituted into the game will remain a minimum of five feet from the sideline in the restricted area for Parent Helpers and players. Subs are not to gather near or around the goal area.
    2. Designated Parent Helpers (wearing an ACTIVSTARS parent helper vest) will be rotating the substitutes into the games. ACTIVSTARS coaches will be acting only as referees at the tournament. Substitutes must come in from the half-line. The referee must grant the player permission before he/she enters the field.
    3. Spectators must remain ten feet from the sidelines at all times and are not permitted in the designated restricted area between the fields.
    4. Games will consist of two, twenty minute halves with a five minute half time, this will give you fifteen minutes between games to HAND ESCORT your child to their next game field in the event of back-to-back scheduling. However, most teams will play every other hour.
    5. You will hear an air horn sound for the first half of the game to begin, at half time, for the second half of the game to begin, and at the conclusion of each match. Games will start promptly on the hour.Games must start on time even if some players have not yet arrived. *Ten minute grace period allowed to avoid forfeit.

If your child is not to their assigned field on time quietly alert a designated Parent Helper (wearing an ACTIVSTARS parent helper vest) who will place your child on the sidelines until they are substituted into the game.


  • The winning team will receive SIX points for winning plus ONE point for each goal scored, with a max of THREE goal points.
  • The losing team will receive ONE point for each goal scored, up to a maximum of THREE points.
  • In the event of a tie each team receives THREE points for the game plus ONE point for each goal scored, up to THREE goal points (maximum of SIX points possible).
  • In a forfeit the winning team receives points based on a 3-0 game score. The forfeiting team will receive NO points for that game.
  • At the end of the day (Saturday) please see the final score sheets posted near the check in area to see if your team is advancing to the Sunday playoffs. You can also call our office after 7p.m. at (816) 994–2644 and listen for the extension listed for soccer teams who will advance to Sunday games, or visit our website at and the information will be posted on Sunday bracketing.
  1. From the main Midwest page, click on “News and Events” and then on “Soccer News” the information will be posted under the Soccer Tournament Post.

Game schedule

  1. Each team will play three games on Saturday.
  2. The top eight teams in each division advancing to the quarter-finals. These top 8 teams are determined by point totals. *Divisions which start the tournament with less than 8 teams on Saturday will not necessarily all advance to Sunday play.
  3. Once your team has completed their final game please head to the posted game results to see the standings.

In the event of two teams being tied on points, the goal differential will be used to determine which team will advance (i.e. if a team scored seven goals and conceded only one goal over the course of three games that would equal a plus six goal difference). If there is still a tie, then the team who scored the most goals will advance.


  1. Due to the high volume of games there will be one referee per game on the small fields and two referees per game on the large fields.
  2. The referee will be a coach who is neutral to both teams.
  3. The referee is the official timekeeper and ALL DECISIONS are final. Respect the referees. The Directors are available if you have a concern.
  4. Goalkeepers are allowed for ALL age divisions/teams at this Tournament.
  5. No handballs are allowed. Illegal throw-ins will be overturned to the other team. Slide-tackling is not permitted.
  6. All free kicks are direct, and at the referee’s discretion a penalty kick may be awarded.
  7. Penalty kicks are taken from the penalty kick spot marked on the field.

The referee has the ability to temporarily remove a player from the field for a five minute suspension period and reserves the right to expel a player from any game. No unsportsmanlike conduct will be tolerated from players OR PARENTS and may be grounds for expulsion.

Sunday Game Information

Quarter Finals, Semi Finals and Finals

  1. The quarter-finals (normally first match) will be played as “knockout” games. Only the winning teams will advance to the semi-finals that day. However, teams that lose in the quarter-finals will still receive a consolation game immediately following their first game. This means that each team that advances to Sunday will receive a guarantee of two games! Students will also receive recognition for their accomplishment in making it to the 2nd day quarter-finals. *If the division only contains four teams, all four teams will immediately proceed to the semi-finals.
  2. If a game is tied after forty minutes of play time the game will proceed into overtime.
    1. The teams will play for five minutes of overtime OR until the first goal is scored (golden goal).
    2. If no goal is scored during the 5 minute overtime period, the teams will go into a shoot out. In a shoot out each team selects exactly five players to take one penalty kick each. The two teams will alternate turns taking each penalty kick until all ten shooters have gone. In the event of a tie after the first shoot out, five different players must be selected by each team for a second shoot out.

*ACTIVSTARS coaches will be permitted to coach their own teams on finals day if both coaches are present for a particular game.