Karate / Martial Arts

karate boy 02ACTIVSTARS has developed one of the most exciting and comprehensive martial arts systems, specialized for teaching children and teens. ACTIVSTARS has incorporated the most effective defense techniques from many martial art systems with a comprehensive safety awareness and anti-bullying lessons to present an unparalleled curriculum for our students.



ACTIVSTARS also differentiates itself from other martial art organizations by offering the premier A-Z Abduction Prevention Program, S.A.F.E. (Safety Awareness for Everyone) SHIELD.  S.A.F.E. SHIELD is designed to teach students and families vital skills to protect (shield) them from unforeseen dangers of today's society.  We are continually researching and formulating the most effective martial arts skills and safety information to offer the most up-to-date courses available.  Although child abductions are rare, we feel it only takes one, and one is too many!

Anti-Bullying Program

We also offer the ACTIVSTARS' Anti-Bullying Program.  This program prepares our students mentally by creating the "Mind of a Black Belt", effectively teaching our students to better prepare and handle a verbal attack from a bully.  We provide anti-bullying guides for both parents and students and reinforce our lessons through the use of engaging role play in our classes.

Extending Beyond the Classroom

Students are also taught awareness about their environment; safety measures against drugs and/or gangs; water and fire safety, as well as promoting respect for others, doing well in school, obeying parents, and being a good citizen. Our students are also taught verbal and life skills to reinforce good citizenship and family values. Students will be given assignments based on their lessons, and will have the opportunity to earn ribbons for their efforts. Many parents have commented on their child’s improved social interaction and academic performance.

                                                                                           Classes/Levels Offered

Regular/Normal Martial Arts Class:  Instruction  Time 40 - 45 minutes Cost:  $8.00 per week
Extended Martial Arts Class: Instruction Time: 60 minutes Cost:  $9.00 per week
Advanced Martial Arts Class: Instruction Time: 90 minutes Cost:  $12.00 per week









Rank Philosophy

ACTIVSTARS philosophy for teaching belt ranks is divided into three phases (Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced). Beginner ranks include white thru green w/blue stripe belts; Intermediate ranks include blue thru purple w/ orange stripe belts; High or Advanced ranks includes orange belts & above.

The primary objective for beginner rank students is to teach safety awareness and basic self-defense techniques. The secondary objective for beginner students is to teach the formal aspects of martial arts such as basic techniques (strikes, kicks, blocks, stances). Perfection of techniques is not required for promotional testing of beginner ranks. Teaching children how to stay safe in today’s world is the objective.

At intermediate ranks, the primary objective becomes improving basic techniques such as kicks, blocks, strikes, and defense against grabs and other attacks. Basic kata knowledge, beginning one step skills, improved concentration, and a greater demonstration of martial arts discipline are expected at this level also.

The primary objective for advanced rank students is to enforce the formal aspect of the martial art; blocks, kicks, strikes, stances, kata, self-defense techniques, one-steps, sparring, martial art etiquette, and discipline. The secondary objective for high ranking students is reviewing safety awareness topics. Promotional testing for high ranking students is based upon effectively demonstrating proper technique and form of the primary objectives.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Students must have perfect attendance in order to test for rank promotion.


At the end of each semester, students are evaluated on the techniques and skills they have learned. Students then have the opportunity to advance to the next belt rank. The advancement fee is $12.00 plus the class fee. The fee is for testing only; belts and awards will be awarded free of charge. (Most karate studios charge anywhere from $30 to $150.) The normal lesson fee is still required the day of testing. Rank requirements will be passed out during the semester by the instructor. It may take several semesters to pass from level one to the next colored belt. Due to varying semester lengths (such as summer) instructors may only be able to teach a percentage of the required curriculum.

ACTIVSTARS Karate Tournament

All ACTIVSTARS Karate students are invited to attend and compete in the ACTIVSTARS Karate Tournament to be held later in the semester. The tournament is a great learning experience for all students as it promotes competitive spirit, self-confidence and fun! Events will be split according to age, size and/or belt rank, depending on the event. White belts may participate in many events and are strongly urged to attend! Everyone is a winner! All students participating in the tournament will receive a participation trophy. There will be a nominal fee to participate in the Tournament. This helps pay for the cost of the facility, awards, and staff.


As students advance in rank they are taught sparring and katas. Sparring is light-contact controlled fighting, which is highly recommended for students advancing in ACTIVSTARS. Students will learn how to use their techniques in actual self-defense and sport scenarios. Actual self-defense scenarios include how to defend against a multi-person attack, and defending against various other attacks. Sport scenarios include tournament preparation, competition rules & regulations, and sportsmanship.

Sparring is open to students ranked yellow and above. Sparring is mandatory for students ranked purple & above. Sparring is a 30 minute class with a fee of $3.00 in addition to the regular lesson fee.

All students participating in sparring must have the following gear: Hand Pads, Foot Pads, Mouth Piece, Cup & Support (males). All students must have their own sparring armor including headgear and body armor. Orange belt students & above, are required to purchase full-faced headgear and body armor.


Katas (also called forms) are pre-arranged martial arts techniques combined together in a floor pattern designed to represent fighting off imaginary attackers. As students progress they will be taught bunkai, the practical application, of the kata.


For class, students are asked to wear our karate uniform or comfortable, loose clothing such as shorts or sweatpants.  Students are encouraged to have a karate uniform, which provides comfort and freedom of movement. Beginners have the opprotunity to wear the standard white top and black pant ACTIVSTARS uniform. Intermediate students may upgrade their uniform to the striped black & white uniform. Advanced students may upgrade their uniform to the striped white and black uniform. No dresses, street shoes, jewelry, or gum chewing is allowed in class.