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CURRENT RANKS: 4th Degree; Shorie-Goju-Ryu: 2nd Degree Taekwondo: 1st Degree Shorin-Ryu: San Kyu Uechi-Ryu

CERTIFICATIONS: Concussion; BO-3rd Level; NUN CHU KU-3rd Level; TONFA-3rd Level; SAI-3rd Level.

PROFILE / BACKGROUND / EXPERIENCE: I began my professional study of Karate in 1967 at Ball State University under Bill (Superfoot) Wallace. I earned my Sho-Dan under Sensei Wallace in May, 1970. After graduation, I continued to be active in the arts of self-defense over the next few years as a High School Wrestling Coach. I continued my formal Karate training in the Shorin-Ryu system under Sensei Sabah Saud at the Parker Shelton Karate Dojo in Ft. Wayne, IN. While training under Sense Saud, I was elected President of the Dojo’s Black Belt Federation.

My job required me to relocate to Chicago. In Chicago I continued my study in Martial Arts in Taekwondo under Master Richard Temmerman at the Midtown Martial Arts Dojo. I earned my Sho-Dan in July 1995 and was voted “Most Improved Black Belt” in October, 1995. I earned my 2nd Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo in June, 1997. I was an instructor at Midtown, working with students from ages 5-18 as well as adults. While at Midtown, I was also privileged to train in the Arts of Modern Arnis under Master Remy Presis; Small Circle Jiu-Jutsu under Master Wally “J”; Gracie Jiu-Jitsu with members of the Gracie family.

I once again had to relocate due to my job. This time Indianapolis, IN. I continued my study under Hanshi Herb Johnson in the Shorei-Goju-Ryu system. I trained and taught at Hanshi Johnson’s schools over the next few years, helping many karate-ka earn their first black belts. I was promoted by Hanshi Johnson to 4th Dan in Shorei-Goju-Ryu in June, 2010. I was also recognized as a Gold Member of the United Shorie-Goju-Ryu system and became a Certified Sanctioned Tournament official for all PKC events. Other training I was privileged to receive was Level One Certification in CDT. Special training seminars in Russian Sambo under Oleg Taktarov.

Once again business caused me to relocate to St. Louis. This time I continued my Martial Arts study in the Uechi-Ryu system under Renshi Kirby Diller. I also joined the Acitvistars ranks on September, 2017. I wanted the opportunity to give back to others what Karate has meant to me over the last 51 years. Activstars does just that, allows me to pursue my passion of teaching and sharing my Martial Arts background with karate-ka of all ages.


Cottleville, St. Charles Community College

Classes Taught:

Beginner - Advance

Contact Info:

(816) 994-2644


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