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Winter 2020 Class Competition

The week returning from the holiday break, we will be hosting a fun Class Competition.  The Class Competition will take place during the regularly scheduled class and feature various fun events and challenges.  Our Class Competition is about having fun, and all students will receive a medal for their efforts!

Flag Sparring

Competitors are given an opportunity to test their speed, footwork, accuracy, and reactions in a safe but competitive setting by grabbing two flags from their opponent.  Flags will be sanitized between each match, and competitors will sanitize their hands before and after each match.

Creative Kata

Beginners will have the opportunity to perform as many exciting techniques within a 15 second period!  During the Holiday Break, beginners can practice by creatively combining their kicks, strikes, blocks into a routine imagining defending of attackers in all directions!

Intermediate and Advanced students will have the opportunity to create their own kata to perform.  Students can be creative as they wish to create a kata to present during the class competition!

Fun Challenges

Instructors may also choose to add a few other fun and exciting class games and challenges during the Class Competition!

Have a safe Holiday Break, and we will see everyone back for this very special class!

Participant Requirements:

Competitors must sanitize their hands before and after each flag sparring match.

All competitors must wear face-coverings during class. 

Event Date:

First class returning from the Holiday Break


Regular class fee. No additional cost. 


The Class Competition will take place during the class returning after the Holiday Break. 


Regular class fee. No additional cost. 

What to Bring:

Spectator Rules of Conduct:

No spectators will be permitted due to COVID-19 limitations.  

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