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Virtual Weapon Kata Competition

Stay Connected, Stay Safe, Stay Active!

Join our National Virtual Weapon Kata Competition!  Open to all ages and all ranks!

The event was created to allow students to compete at their highest levels in the comfort of their own home and backyard. Competitors will perform and video record their top weapon kata which they have learned and submit it to enter our virtual competition.  Competitors will be placed into brackets based on age and rank and judged vs. other competitors.  The winners in each division will be announced and posted on our website!  We will be awarding 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place medals for the winners!

Participant Requirements:

How to register:

  1. Register through the ActivStars App or Parent Portal: 

  2. Join the Facebook ACTIVSTARS Weapons Forms Group

  3. Post the video within the Facebook ACTIVSTARS Weapons Forms group with the student name, rank, class location, and instructor name.

    Positive reinforcement and compliment comments are encouraged on each participant’s video submission, disparaging, and or negative comments will not be tolerated and will disqualify any participant.

The Rules

  • All competitors should be in full uniform.  All students must show proper etiquette!
    • Bow
    • State your name, clearly and loudly!
    • State your kata name
    • Bow (Normally would ask for permission to perform)
  • This is a weapons kata forms competition. No demonstration of open-hand form is permitted.
  • Only one person may perform the weapon kata/form, no group submissions or partner forms will be eligible.
  • Multiple cut video editing is not permitted.
  • Only one performance may be submitted per student.

Event Date:

May 9th


Stay safe and perform at home!  


Submit your video entry by midnight on May 9th!  Winners will be announced after all entries have been judged.  


The one-time entry fee of $5 is non-refundable.

What to Bring:

Spectator Rules of Conduct:

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