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SPRING 2024: Midwest Showdown Karate Tournament **Brackets Available May 1**

Tournament Date: Saturday, May 4, 2024

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: FRIDAY, APRIL 26, 2024!  Click here to register!


Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your bracket time to check in.

We are excited to announce our Midwest Showdown Karate Tournament!  By popular demand, we will organize this tournament by pre-assigning students into divisions and groups.

Each group will have close to ten competitors and will be rotate through the rings for each event at an assigned start time.

 The brackets and schedule will be posted here and emailed out to participants by Wednesday, May 1.  We will start the day with White Belts and move on to advanced belts throughout the day.

This tournament’s registration fee includes a 6 event package!

White-Yellow-Green Package

  • Strongest Punch – Strongest Kick – Fastest Fist – Fastest Kick – Crazy Attack – Flag Sparring

Blue Package

  • Strongest Punch
  • Strongest Kick
  • Fastest Fist
  • Fastest Kick
  • Flag Sparring
  • Board Breaking (single board)

Purple and Above Package

  • Thunder and Lightning  (middle punch, front kick, spinning/turning back or side kick)
  • Head to Head Kata
  • Flag Sparring
  • Continuous Sparring (90 second round)
  • Board Breaking (purple one board, orange and above two boards)
  • Weapons Kata (traditional – etiquette being judged)


We will have an option for “add ons” when registering so you can order the EXCLUSIVE Tournament patch and t-shirt.  You will pick these up from the merchandise area at the event.


Exclusive Spring 24 Tournament Patch – $6

Exclusive Spring 24 Tournament T-shirt – $15

Breaking Boards – $4 each


“Students, who attend tournaments, gain a very valuable learning and rewarding experience. Attending a Tournament gives a new insight into the skills taught at class, where students simply cannot gain at regular class attendance alone.”

“The events are fun and easy to understand. Your instructor will show you exactly what to do in class.   It’s a great experience you won’t want to miss!  All competitors will receive Olympic Style Medals for placements!  Everyone goes home a winner!”


Our Tournament Trade-Up will be continuing with this tournament. Only the red medals shown below or red trophies will be accepted at trade-up.


Participant Requirements:

Competitors must check-in 15 minutes prior to their scheduled start time.  

Check-In Station will be located in the Auxiliary Gym.  You will enter through the D17, southwest doors.

Competitors will receive a wristband upon checking in with their division group # and competitor # written on the wristband. 

Note: Division and Group #'s relate directly to the ring assignment.  

Competitors will wait with their families until we call for their group (A1, A2, etc.) to report to the ring staging area.  You will be directed to the staging area at the time of check-in. 

Pre-ordered T-shirts and Patches will be available at the merchandise area.  Additional merchandise can be purchased on the day of the event. 

No food or drink inside the gymnasiums!  Closed-topped water bottles will be acceptable.  Please help us out to keep the venue clean by using trash cans throughout the venue.


STRONGEST PUNCH:  Open to White - Blue Belts ONLY. Athletes will have three chances to punch a bag that measures their power. Use any hand strike taught in class.  Only hand strikes will be allowed – NO elbow strikes.

 STRONGEST KICK:  Open to White - Blue Belts ONLY. Athletes will have three chances to kick a "meter" bag that measures their power.  Use any kick taught in class. You will have up to five feet of distance from the bag.  Only foot techniques are allowed– NO knee kicks.  No Shoes Allowed!

FASTEST FIST:  Open to White - Blue Belts ONLY. Athletes will have three chances to strike a "meter" bag that measures their reaction speed.  Use any hand strike taught in class.

FASTEST KICK:  Open to White - Blue Belts ONLY.  Athletes will have three chances to strike a "meter" bag that measures their reaction speed.  Use any kick taught in class. Only foot techniques are allowed – NO knee kicks.  No Shoes Allowed.  

CRAZY ATTACK:  Open to White - Green Belts ONLY.  Athletes will have 10-seconds to punch and kick a "meter" bag to measure total hits and power.

FLAG SPARRING:   Open to ALL Belts. Athletes can test their speed, footwork, accuracy & reactions in a safe but competitive setting by grabbing two flags from their opponent. The first to remove the flags from their opponent within a 60-second round is the winner!

HEAD TO HEAD KATA:  Open to Purple Belt & above. Perform any open hand form/kata learned in class—proper etiquette required throughout. Judges will determine the winer in this single elimination event.

BOARD BREAKING:   Open to Blue Belt & above.   Blue and Purple Belt Athletes are to use correctly executed hand and/or foot techniques to break one 1/2" board on cinder blocks.     Orange and above-  The athlete will perform a continuous, 2-strike combination using a hand/hand, hand/foot, or foot/foot combination.  Athletes may change their technique within those three attempts.  If the athlete cannot break the board in 3 attempts, the athlete will bow out.    These athletes can use open hand techniques. Techniques using knuckles and in-step of foot are forbidden.  Students must perform one break with the board in an instructor's hands and the other with the board placed on cinder blocks. The breaks can be done in any order—proper etiquette throughout.   The athletes are judged on technical skill, showmanship and creativity.      Boards used at the tournament will be 1/2" thick for all ranks and ages. One Breaking Board must be purchased for this event for Blue and Purple Belts, and two boards must be purchased for Orange Belts and above.  They will be available for $4 each at the merchandise table.  These boards can also be purchased for additional practice for $4/board. 

CONTINUOUS SPARRING:  Open to Purple Belt & above. For those who participate in a sparring class. Sparring is judged as continuous sparring.  Judges will determine the overall best fighter at the end of a 90-second round.

THUNDER AND LIGHTNING:  Open to Purple Belt & above.  The ultimate combination of strongest and fastest! Athletes will have to perform the following three techniques in order; (1) Reverse punch, (2) Front Kick, (3) Spinning Back Kick to a “meter” bag that measures their power and speed.  The total power of all three techniques will be divided by the total time to determine the final score.      

WEAPONS KATA:  Open to Purple Belt & above.  Perform any weapon kata learned in class.  Proper etiquette required throughout.  No sharpened edged weapons.

Event Date:

Saturday, May 4, 2024


Valley View High School

5000 NW Valley View Rd, Blue Springs, MO 64015

Enter through the D17, southwest doors. 






Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your bracket time to check in.

Estimated Time to Complete Events: 60-90 minutes


Registration Fee: $68 -  Fee includes the 6-event package.  Register Here NOW!

Spectator Fee:  $5 per person age 9 and older. Can be purchased at the time of registration or at the door the day of the event.


What to Bring:

Athlete should be in uniform and bring any weapons or sparring gear that is needed for the events.  Limited quantities will be available for purchase at the merchandise table at the event.

Spectator Rules of Conduct:

Proper sportsmanship is expected from all competitors and spectators. 


Kids benefit in big ways from our programs

"We love the different levels, and our star looks forward to each semester where she gets to learn something new. Pom tryouts were a nice touch."

"The best thing any young cheerleader can do to get ready for their school’s cheerleading tryouts."

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