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Cheer Specialty Lessons

The Summer Cheer Specialty classes are open to all students, you are not required to be enrolled in our program to participate.




Fun, high-energy upbeat urban dance choreography class.  Learn an infused, stylized hip hop routine in this 45-minute class.  Improve your musicality and rhythm!  Classes will encourage students to step outside of the box by bringing their own individual style and personality to the movements.  Open to students ages 8 and older.

Instructor:  David Roberts, Arizona Cheer Coach

Date:  Thursday, June 11

Class Time:  7p AZ (9p TX & Midwest)

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Open to students ages 8 and older.




Conditioning training for athletes.  Cardio and strength building to improve stamina and power.  This Cheer Conditioning class will consist of stretching, cardio, muscle building and conditioning, flexibility work, jump approach and technique, and positive energy. Athletes will focus on increasing their strength and stamina through cardio and other fun workouts. Strength training will focus on the major muscle groups used in stunting, jumping, and tumbling. Be ready to work!  Open to students ages 6 and older.

Instructor:  Emily Jancovich, Midwest Cheer Coach

Date:  Saturday, June 13

Class Time:  11a TX/Midwest (9a AZ)

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Open to students ages 6 and older.




This class is designed to enhance flyer flexibility by increasing range of motion in areas needed for strong body positions.  Drills, stretches and exercises specific to improving strength, stability and balance are trained.  Open to students ages 7 and older.

Instructor:  Mara Greer, Dallas Cheer Coach

Date:  Wednesday, June 17

Class Time:  7p TX,Midwest (9p AZ)

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Open to students ages 7 and older.




Class focused on training muscles to produce power, strength + speed.   Techniques will support jump skills while improving coordination and agility.  High energy workout!  Open to students ages 7 and older.

Instructor:  Nicole Nelms, Dallas Cheer Coach

Date:  Friday, June 19

Class Time:  7p TX, Midwest (9p AZ)

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Open to students ages 7 and older.

Participant Requirements:

Zoom Requirement

Lessons will be taught live using the Zoom platform.  To prepare, download the Zoom app to your smart device or use a laptop or desktop with web camera capability.  Please test your video setting by following this link: 

*Have a water bottle ready at start of class time.

*Dress out in athletic clothing you can move in!  We prefer athletes have tennis shoes (cheer shoes) on during class if possible.

Event Date:

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These are virtual classes held through ZOOM.




What to Bring:

Spectator Rules of Conduct:

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"We love the different levels, and our star looks forward to each semester where she gets to learn something new. Pom tryouts were a nice touch."

"The best thing any young cheerleader can do to get ready for their school’s cheerleading tryouts."

"Big emphasis on teamwork and fun, which you don’t find in many programs. Thank you for being so inclusive."