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Brown and Black Belt Testing

Participant Requirements:

Must pass pre-test.

Event Date:

Saturday, May 16th




$75.00 Brown Belt Test

$100.00 Black Belt Test

What to Bring:

 You are required to bring the signed pre-test form to Brown/Black Belt testing or you will not be allowed to test. 

The signed pre-test will act as your invitation to the testing.

Spectator Rules of Conduct:

  1.         No toddlers or infants allowed inside the building.
  2.         No food or drink allowed inside the building.
  3.         No talking in the stands during the test.
  4.         Parents cannot communicate with students while testing is taking place.
  5.         Students who are testing are required to stay in their assigned area.  Students cannot go to parents in the stands.
  6.         Parents cannot approach the board during the test.  All board decisions are final.
  7.        Any questions should be directed to the moderator or your instructor after testing.         
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