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Kraig Hollingworth

Kraig Hollingworth

Master Kraig Hollingworth began his martial art training at the prestigious Toushi Kan Martial Art Institute under Shigeki Umemoto, Founder of Toushi Kan Martial Art Institute.  Master Hollingworth trained and competed as a member of the Toushi Kan full contact fighting team, which won many state, national and world titles.  Today, Master Hollingworth is a senior member of the Toushi Kan Martial Art Institute.  In 1990, Master Hollingworth began studying with Grand Master Jerry Cook and Grand Master Jinheng Li researching and studying various Chinese martial arts.  In 1991, Master Hollingworth began teaching for Young Champions of America, teaching over 1300 students throughout Phoenix.  In 1995, Master Hollingworth moved to Kansas City to teach and expand the Young Champions Martial Art programs.  While living in Kansas City, Master Hollingworth studied Kendo under Doshu Shiro Shintaku at the International Ryukyu Kemp Headquarters.  In 1998, Master Hollingworth moved to Denver Colorado to continue his work expanding Young Champions of America. While directing in Colorado, Master Hollingworth authored The Karate Workbook, which has sold over 100,000 copies.  In 2004, Master Hollingworth created and published Project S.A.F.E. Shield, an A-Z abduction prevention and anti-bully program, which is now being taught in 16 states.   Currently, Master Hollingworth is the Director of Young Champions of America and oversees operations in 7 states.

  • 29 Years of Martial Arts Experience
  • 6/19/13 - Inducted into United Martial Arts Hall of Fame
  • 8/28/11 Awarded 8th Degree Black Belt Secret Society
  • 4/22/10 Promoted 5th Degree Black Belt Toushi Kan Martial Arts Institute
  • 8/23/08 Awarded 6th Degree Black Belt Mixed Martial Arts
  • 8/23/08 Honorary 6th Degree Black Belt Secret Society
  • 1/15/06 Master Instructor Certificate - Hanshi Cheif Instructor Young Champions of America
  • 1/10/02 Awarded 5th Degree Black Belt The World Martial Arts Institute

Primary Teachers & Mentors

  • Kancho Shigeki Umemoto - 9th Degree Founder/President of Toushi Kan Martial Art Academy
  • Grand Master Jerry Cook - 9th Degree Black Dragon Fighting Society & Pierce Family Combat Method.
  • Doshu Shiro Shintaku - Founder of Ten Shin Inshi Ryu
  • Grand Master Jinheng Li - Senior Beijing Wushu Team Member, Grandmaster of Wushu & Tai Chi World Martial Art Institute
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Welcome to our new ACTIVSTARS Website! 

Celebrating 30 Years with a New Modern Name & Brand!  Same Great Programs & Staff!


Karate End of Semester Belt Ranking/Testing

Karate belt testing for all Karate students and locations will happen approximately two weeks before the final class of the semester.


Testimonal 6

"Young Champions provides an important extension of the family, with all of the confusion about right from wrong in today’s world…the structure and disciple of the YCOA program provides this."

- Barbara Payton


Testimonal 5

"As a law enforcement officer…I feel very strongly that all parents should get their kids involved with this program so they too can get the SAFE Shield benefit".  

- Det. F. Bustillos


Testimonial 4

"Today I feel less anxiety when my children go out into the world because you have taught them many valuable life lessons"

- Johanne Beebe


Cheerleading Program

cheer varsity 2Promoting good sportsmanship and SPIRIT, students will also have the opportunity to participate in ACTIVSTARS Special Cheer Events.

ACTIVSTARS combines Pom dance and Cheerleading into one program.  Students are taught cheerleading techniques such as short chants, arm motions, jumps, kicks and stunting techniques.  Students are also taught a special long team performance cheer and cheer dance routine (with use of poms) each semester that is presented by each team at the Cheer Showcase.  We have incorporated the most modern and current dance techniques into our curriculum, and developed teaching methods that work best for children and teens.  Cheerleading is a TEAM-ORIENTED sport and we encourage students to demonstrate teamwork, sportsmanship and dedication to being part of the team while participating in our program.

JV.Varsity Team Dance Clinic - Jr. All Star, Pro & Elite Team Stunting Clinc

“Star Spirit” DANCE CLINIC:  Fall & Spring Semesters ONLY! We will be holding a special cheer clinic for all students ages 4-9 (JV & Varsity teams) in the fall and spring semesters.  This is also the day that parents can purchase their students’ cheer uniform for discounted prices (special savings packages are offered at this clinic only) and no waiting on site!  Raffle funds can be taken and used at the event for both merchandise and event fees – great way to purchase all your cheer merchandise at one convenient time and place!  See back for more details on raffle.  Cheer students will enjoy participating in a “cheer specific” specialty class taught by an enthusiastic professional instructor for the clinic!  A nominal clinic fee will be charged to attend and participate in the clinic.  MORE INFORMATION ON THIS EVENT WILL BE DISTRIBUTED AT TEAM PRACTICES!

JR. ALL STAR, PRO & ELITE TEAMS STUNTING CLINICS: Fall & Spring Semesters ONLY. An annual stunting requirement for all Jr. All Star, PRO & Elite team cheerleaders is to attend an ACTIVSTARS Cheer Stunting Clinic with their team to be certified to stunt for the season.  The stunt progressions are an important part of cheer safety.  Raffle packets can be taken on the same day to purchase cheer uniforms and other essentials for students.  Details on this event are given to teams/parents directly at practice.  There is a nominal registration fee to participate.

Show-Stopper Cheer Showcase/Regional Star Spirit Championship “Special Events”

Fall & Spring Semesters ONLY!  All ACTIVSTARS Cheer students are invited to attend and showcase their skills in the ACTIVSTARS Show-Stopper Cheer Showcase (not required) to be held towards the end of our semester (date TBA).  The Showcase is a great learning experience for all students as it promotes competitive spirit, self-confidence and fun!  Students will perform with their team, competing with other teams (from alternate locations) of the same basic age and skill level.  All participants will receive a collectible trophy and an achievement medal.  Teams that place either 1st ,2nd or 3rd at the Cheer Showcase will have an opportunity to perform again at the Regional Champ Cheer Showdown (date TBA).  There will be a nominal fee to participate in the Showcase & Competition events, paid for at the event upon registration.  The Showcase registration fee is $30.00 per student; the Regional Champ Showdown registration fee is $40.00 per student – These event fees help cover the cost of the facility, awards, staff, judges and other expenses.  Uniforms are also required to attend these events!  There is a Spectator Fee for family and friends to attend the Showcase/Competition as supporters, the cost is $4.00 per person age 9 and older.


Colored Pom Tryouts

Students will also have the opportunity to tryout for twenty different pom squads towards the end of every semester.  Tryouts give students something to work for and prepares them for future tryouts on school squads.  Tryouts are usually held the two weeks prior to the final lesson for $12.00 plus the regular practice fee.  Tryouts are not required, but to be eligible to “tryout” students must have “PERFECT ATTENDANCE” – all absences must be made up prior to tryouts.  A new colored pom will be awarded for each level achieved on Awards Night for students who participate in the colored pom tryouts.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Students must have perfect attendance in order to participate in Colored Pom Tryouts

Practice Times and Fees

ACTIVSTARS Coaches assign team practice times based on students’ ages and abilities.  ACTIVSTARS has five team levels.  As students’ progress, the practice time duration and cost will increase.

Students ages 4-6 - JV Team         45 Minute practice                $8.00 Practice Fee
Students ages 7-9 - Varsity Team 45 Minute practice                  $8.00 Practice Fee
Students ages 10-15 - Jr. All Star    1 hour practice                      $9.00 Practice Fee
Tryout Team:  Pro -1 hour practice                                                        $9.00 Practice Fee
Advanced Tryout Team: Elite            1.5 hour practice                    $12.00 Practice Fee




Please see your coach or visit our website for a list of requirements for PRO & Elite levels.  If the time we assigned to your child is inconvenient, or you have two children participating in different teams, please see your coach for approval to attend a different time.  Please arrive 10-minutes early each week for check-in.


ACTIVSTARS merchandise is purchased at wholesale prices and the savings are passed on to you.  All items can be ordered at practice via raffle/order envelope.

REQUIRED ITEMS:  Pom are required in this program (students participating in the Showcase are required to purchase and use the ACTIVSTARS metallic team-level poms).  Mark your child’s poms for identification.  We are not responsible for lost poms.  Do not leave your poms in the heat or sunlight as this will damage them.  There are no refunds for poms.  Uniforms are required for Showcases & Competitions.     

POM COST:  The JV/Varsity team poms are $27.00 per set (includes pom tags), the Jr. All Star & PRO Team poms are $24.00 per set.

~All poms are purchased directly at practice.

POM TAGS:  We also are proud to offer our ACTIVSTARS "Pom Tags" to our students to label and personalize their poms.  This is ideal for weekly team practices because at times the poms can be mixed with other students and for identification purposes our tags are ideal.  They are sold directly on location for only $5.00 per set.

CHEER TEAM UNIFORMS:  Cheer uniforms are required (per team) for students to wear if they wish to participate in ACTIVSTARS special events such as SHOWCASE & COMPETITION – these are required so that the performers match and look like a united, uniformed TEAM!  Attendance at these events is NOT required to participate in our program; we do recommend that students take advantage of these opportunities as they are FUN and REWARDING experiences for our cheer students.

JV/Varsity Team Uniform

Team Long Sleeve Top:     $38.00

Team Skirt:                        $27.00

Black Boycut Bloomers:     $8.00

TOTAL:                         $73.00

Jr. All Star & PRO Team Uniform

Team Long Sleeve Top:     $48.00

Team Skirt:                         $37.00

Black Boycut Bloomers:     $8.00

TOTAL:                         $93.00


Elite Team Uniform                              

Elite Top:               $60.00                 

Elite Skirt:              $40.00

TOTAL:             $100.00

Male Uniform   

MaleTop:               $47.00                 

Male Pants:           $28.00

TOTAL:             $75.00

Uniform Size Conversion Chart:

Youth Small - Size 4-6

Youth Medium - Size 6X, 7-8

Youth Large - size 10-12

Adult Small - YOUTH 14, Adult 1-3

Adult Medium - Size 5-7 Adult

Adult Large - Size 9-11

Adult Adult XL - Size 13-15

Adult XXL - Size 16-18

*Adult 3XL is available in some uniform options at special request only