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New Karate Tournament Events

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We are excited to announce some new and exciting events that will be introduced in the Fall Karate tournament this semester! There will also be a few adjustments to returning events in order to increase fun and efficiency!


Mushin (No-Mind Defense) - available for Green Belt & Above tournament ONLY.

This event is designed for an athlete to defend against impromptu attackers showing multiple self-defense techniques. Instructors will prepare athletes with knowledge of the self-defense techniques available from the following list.

  • The Judges will pick 3 of the following self-defenses for the athlete to defend against.
  • Bear hug pinned from behind
  • Double one-arm (on forearm)
  • Side headlock
  • Straight lapel grab (one hand)
  • Cross wrist grab
  • Single straight hand grab (to wrist); athletes are expected to show an advanced self-defense technique


  • At least three self-defense techniques must be used within the performance.
  • Judges will randomly choose 3 self-defense techniques from the 6 self-defense techniques listed.
  • Athletes should use a controlled finishing and/or counter technique.
  • Self-defense techniques will be judged on the cumulative skill set observed throughout all techniques; however, after each technique is performed, the athlete and attacker will be reset for the next attack.
  • In the event of a tie, the judges will pick one self-defense technique, and the athletes who are tied will perform and be judged on that technique.

Event Requirements/Process

  • Proper etiquette throughout.
  • Athletes will be judged on the use of a preemptive and/or a finishing technique with each self-defense technique.
  • There will be 2 Judges and an attacker in each ring.

Board Breaking - available for Green Belt & Above tournament ONLY.

Green, Blue, and Purple Belts:

  • The athlete will have one board and will perform one strike with either their hand or foot. Athletes will be allowed 3 attempts to break their board.  Athletes may change their technique within those 3 attempts.  If the athlete cannot break the board in 3 attempts, the athlete will bow out.
  • These students can ONLY use closed fist or elbow techniques. All knuckle, open hand, and in-step of foot techniques are forbidden.
  • Students have an option of breaking from a board in an instructor's hands, or a board set on two cinder blocks.

Orange, Red, Brown and Black Belts:

  • The athlete will have two boards and will perform a 2-strike combination using a hand/hand, hand/foot, or foot/foot combination.
  • These students can use open hand techniques. Techniques using knuckles and in-step of foot are forbidden.
  • Students must perform one break with the board in an instructor's hands, and the other break with the board placed on cinder blocks. The breaks can be done in any order.

Boards used at the tournament will be 1/2" thick for all ranks and ages. Instructors will have a small amount of practice boards and a re-breakable board to use at class. These boards can also be purchased for further practice for $3/board. 

General Etiquette - With these new events added, we are expecting a higher level of etiquette when a student performs throughout the tournament. Below is a small guide of what a student should prepare for their etiquette during tournaments. Etiquette WILL affect scoring!

1. Sit in Seiza at the ring (Anza if needed). 
2. Once student is called, stand up fast and bow into the ring. 
3. Walk up to judges, bow, and stand in Jumbi (Ready Stance). 
4. State your name, instructor, and what you’re about to perform 
a. Use this script – “Judges, my name is (your name), and my instructor is (your instructor). May I preform (name of kata/mushin/board breaking).” 
5. Once the judges give permission, bow and walk backwards to spot 
a. Do NOT turn your back towards the judges! 
6. Bow again, return to Jumbi and preform your event. 
7. Once done, bow towards judges, walk backwards out of the ring. 
8. Bow out of the ring, sit back in Seiza (Anza if need) in your spot. 
Tips for good etiquette: 
• Be confident with every move you do and every word you say. 
• When speaking to the judges, place focal point right above the judges’ heads. This makes it easier to focus. 

Current Event Changes

Bag Events - All bag events, including fastest fist/kick, strongest punch/kick, and crazy attack, will be done in specific rings. The event will run as normal, but the bags will no longer be in one line across the entrance wall. 

Flag Sparring - An extra flag will be attached to the competing students, totaling three total flags to be ripped off. The new flag will be attached to a vest the the student will be given to wear. Headgear can also be worn during this event, however it is not mandatory. 

Escape Drill - This event will now only be available during the white and yellow belt tournament. Mushin will replace this event in the green belt and above tournament. 

National Qualifications (Green Belts and Above) - Students must earn 1st , 2nd or 3rd place at any of the tournaments during the season (Fall or Spring ) in order to qualify for thy NYAA national tournament in the Summer of 2019. The placement can be in any event at either tournament. It does not have to be the same event to qualify. 

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