This Fundraiser is important to ACTIVSTARS as it allows us to continue operating our programs at a low cost to students/parents in addition to off-setting rising expenses! Furthermore, we have to do a fundraiser to get through the summer months when our numbers are low and allow us to start the fall semester as healthy as possible. We thank you in advance for your support of our spring fundraiser and for your active participation. 
Reminder that Believe Kids has an ONLINE component which allows students to sell items to family, friends and other supporters that may not be close by. Online orders are a great way to expand your support network. The steps are very easy to get started! 
Here is the link: https://shop.believekids.com/Login?returnurl=%2fDashboard 
*Parents will need to “create a login” – when doing so please select MISSOURI and for the SCHOOL; select ACTIVSTARS 
When people go to shop please let them know to click on: 
no student code then, Select Groups State: MO Group Name: ACTIVSTARS MO Independence 64055 
Reminder that when people order online it ships directly to them, it's faster, and they can use a credit card. If you choose to use the order form, the items will come to you for delivery. They may pay in cash, check, or money order. Please make sure it's filled out to ACTIVSTARS. All order forms must be turned into your instructor by March 31. 
We would like to THANK YOU for being a part of our programs this semester; we hope that you are off to a great start and looking forward to our spring testing/tryouts, and awards!